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Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning service in morris county nj

Let’s face it. Your family’s health is important! So when it comes to having your carpets cleaned, doesn’t it make sense to choose a professional carpet cleaner that not only delivers the most outstanding cleaning results ever,
but that also keeps the health of your family in mind by using safe, green cleaning products?

 Choose Clean All of North Jersey.
“The Natural Choice” for Healthy Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning!

Call Clean All of North Jersey today! We are the area’s premier carpet cleaning service serving the entire North Jersey area.

 IICRC Certified Technician

The institute of Inspection, cleaning and restoration certification is a nonprofit organization which sets industry standards and is dedicated to raising them through training, certification and testing. This offers a way that you as a consumer can be confident that you are receiving the best possible service from trained, professional, highly skilled technicians.

IICRC certification Means We Have Been Trained to Handle the Toughest Cleaning Challenges  

carpet cleaning service morris county nj
 Not only can you take comfort in knowing that the technician that shows up at your door is an IICRC certified cleaning professional, but also strives to utilize Healthy, Organic, food grade and green-cleaning products! We pride ourselves on taking the time necessary on each and every job to perform the most thorough carpet cleaning ever!! Feel confident in your decision to schedule an appointment with us today,  knowing that we stand behind every job with our

Exclusive Money-Back 100% No Risk Double Guarantee!!

Unlike other companies that offer just one carpet cleaning method to clean and sanitize your carpets, we at Clean All of North Jersey believe that a “One Size Fits All” approach to
carpet cleaning simply doesn’t provide the flexibility that our clients need and deserve!

 We’ll Help You Choose a Method That’s Right for Your needs:


Clean All of North Jersey’s Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1 – Evaluate: First we will perform a walk through of the carpet areas to be cleaned, address any concerns you may have and note any problem areas such as heavy soiling or pet odors. If there are any areas of concern, we’ll discuss what steps we can take to address these issues.

Step 2 – Move Furniture: A typical carpet cleaning involves moving light furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, couches and smaller items that you would like to have cleaned under. For more information on this topic click here .

Step 3 – Vacuum: Using a commercial grade HEPA filtered vacuum we will thoroughly vacuum your carpet, paying special attention to edges and high traffic areas.

Step 4 –  Pretreat: Using Safe and Non Toxic “Green” Products, we pretreat all surface spots and high traffic area’s before cleaning your carpet to ensure the best chance of removal.

Step 5 –  Agitate: The pretreatment is thoroughly worked into the carpet fibers to ensure thorough penetration and soil emulsification.

Step 6 – Extract: After the cleaning solution breaks down the dirt and grime in your carpet, it is thoroughly extracted, leaving you with a freshly cleaned and revived surface.

Step 7 – Final Grooming: Using a  professional grooming tool we will lift the carpet pile and set the nap of the carpet. Regular pile grooming extends the life of your carpet and is recommended on a regular basis for proper carpet maintenance.

Step 8 – Post Inspection: We will perform a final walk-through with you to ensure you are delighted with the results of your freshly cleaned and rejuvenated carpeting.


carpet cleaning morris county NJ

Our certified technicians will be happy to recommend the best carpet cleaning method for your specific needs.

You will Love our Healthy Home Package!!


It’s Totally Green ….and will leave your
carpet Sparkling Clean!!

Our Healthy Home Cleaning Package utilizes the Planet Guard line of professional carpet cleaning products, including a pre-spray, degreaser and a cleaner/rinse. These products have undergone rigorous testing and development to ensure they are environmentally safe and free of dangerous toxins and allergens.
It goes without saying that, regardless of how concerned you are about the environment, when you’re paying to have your carpets cleaned, you expect outstanding results. Precisely for this reason, we chose Planet Guard. Planet Guard is safe and effective.
We urge you to schedule y
our Healthy Home Cleaning Package Today! It’s the right choice for your home, your family and our planet. We offer this service because we believe in it. It’s what we use in our own home and we wouldn’t trust our families and our environment to anything else.


carpet cleaning morris county nj


NO harsh chemicals, NO soap and NO sticky residue! The only thing left behind is a fresh, clean and healthy carpet!!

Combine this with our State-of-the-Art cleaning equipment and our commitment to providing you with the best possible cleaning, and it is no wonder why we are The Natural Choice” for Healthy Low Moisture Cleaning!! Your carpets are left Clean, Fresh and Dry to the touch within 1-6 hours. *    


Our Professional Carpet Cleaning 

covers a wide array of services such as:

  •  Berber Carpet Cleaning 
  •  Frieze Carpet Cleaning
  •  Green Carpet Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
  • Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning
  • IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaners
  • CRI Approved Carpet Cleaners
  • Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • VLM Carpet Cleaning
  • Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning Morris County NJ

 * Drying times are based upon average drying times reported by customers and vary due to  conditions such as temperature, humidity, airflow and chosen method of cleaning.

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