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Preparing for our Visit


Thank you for placing your trust in Clean All of North Jersey and inviting us into your home! We are committed to performing the best possible cleaning for you and will treat your home and furnishings with the utmost care and respect. Here are some suggestions to prepare for our arrival that will benefit us both:

10 Tips:

  1. Please vacuum or pick up any heavy debris before we arrive.
  1. Any small pieces of furniture such as end tables, lamps, dining chairs, etc. which you can easily remove from the cleaning area prior to our arrival, is greatly appreciated. This shortens preparation time, allows us to  spend  more time focusing our undivided attention on cleaning your home furnishings and helps facilitate a better job.
  1. Please Avoid Pulling Furniture Away From The Wall Prior To Our Cleaning, As We Need To Prespray The High Traffic Area’s. If you do move Furniture, Please try to move it out of the cleaning area  all together, or alternately, to an area that is only lightly soiled.
  1. We typically do not move items such as china cabinets, entertainment centers, antiques, grandfather clocks, large TV’s, electronic equipment, computers, pianos and fragile furniture. A typical cleaning involves moving light furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, couches and smaller items that you would like to have cleaned under. Beds that don’t roll easily or with heavy frames or headboards, dressers, desks and other such heavier items may in some cases be moved upon request but may warrant an additional charge. Please inform us prior to scheduling your cleaning if you want such items moved.
  1. Please remove all breakable items from furniture that needs to be moved.
  1. Please bring to our attention any spot or stains that may require special attention.


  1. To avoid stressing your pets, please put them in a safe, quiet, place where our cleaning won’t disturb them.
  1. Keep children and pets away from hoses, equipment, cleaning products and work area.


  1. We take extra steps and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to leave your carpet as dry as possible. However great care must be exercised especially when walking from carpet to tile. Please advise all occupants of this hazard. Walk on carpet at your own risk until it is completely dry. Floors may be slippery when wet.
  1. Our goal is to make our visit a pleasant experience for you. If you have any special needs please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.


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