Carpet Restretching and Repair

Attention NJ residents near Bergen, Morris, Passaic and Sussex county. Are you tired of

fCarpet Wrinkles, Ripples & Bubbles?

Tired of staring at that ugly rippled carpet? Not only are they unsightly but they’re also a big trip hazard.

A loose carpet with humps in it can really ruin the look of a room and it is a fact that a loose, buckled carpet will wear out prematurely. Carpet’s are designed to be stretched in tightly. Carpet restretching will restore the beauty and protect the investment you have made in your carpeting . So don’t put it off another day.

 Call the experts at Clean All of  North Jersey today! We will re-stretch your carpet back to its original beauty.We have been restretching carpet for nearly 20 years and take great pride in what we do. Also,we respect the fact that you are entrusting us in your home or place of business  and will never leave your carpet in the hands of subcontractors to do the work for us like some other companies do. See what some of our many satisfied customers have to say about us by clicking here.


Pet Damaged Carpet

carpet restretch
Pet’s are part of the family,  but  let’s face it, they are still animals!  These “family members” can wreak havoc on your carpet by clawing and chewing.  This can create open  seams, wrinkles, bald spots and other damage.  We have techniques to fix these problems with excellent results. For the most effective pet stain and pet odor removal treatment in Bergen, Passaic, Morris and Sussex County, Click Here .

Open & Worn Seams 


Are your carpet seams falling apart? Not only are seams that are open, frayed or lifting unsightly, but they can also present a falling hazard. If left unrepaired, it is only a matter of time before they will become worse and necessitate replacement of the carpet. Reseaming carpet is important. Carpet re-seaming We are very successful at fixing this type of problem.

Burn Mark In Carpet

Do you have Cigarette Burns, burns from fireplace embers, or perhaps a burn from a clothes iron? Now worries. Don’t replace that carpet, give us a call and let us repair it.

Replacing your carpet costs thousands of dollars and who can afford that these days? We can make those burns marks disappear. Call us first!

Discoloration Spots

red stain removal

You know what these are especially  if you have kids. Spots, stains and marks in carpet that you might have thought were unfixable. Common suspects are crayons, dye stains, stubborn food  stains, pet urine stain, children’s drinks, chewing gum and even paint. Nothing spoils your day faster then when you see this on your nice carpet. No need to worry, we can make it look brand new. We can even remove red stain in carpet.

Bleach Stains


Yes. We can even repair these!

STOP!! Don’t Replace that CARPET! CLEAN AND REPAIR!!!

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