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 Leather Upholstery Cleaning

There is no question that the look, feel and longevity of leather upholstery is highly desirable. If properly maintained, leather furniture will easily out last fabric. However, different types of leather require different types of care. Therefore it is crucial to properly identify what type of leather you have and know the unique characteristics of that particular type before attempting to clean it. Improper cleaning products or procedures can easily lead to permanent damage. The three most common types of leather found in the majority of today’s homes are:

  • Protected (P) – Also known as Semi-Aniline, Pigmented or “Painted leather”. 80% of the leather in today’s homes and automobiles fall under this category.

  • Aniline (A)– Also known as Natural, Pure, Naked and Unprotected leather. Common characteristics of this type of leather are variations in the color hue, a much softer feel and it scratches easily.. Due to susceptibility to oils, food stains, fading and deterioration of the original finish, restorative cleaning may be necessary.  This type of leather does not have a protective finish, but may have either a Nitro-cellulose, wax or micro-pigmented surface which needs to be restored.

  • Nubuck (N) – Also known as Chaps, Bomber or Suede. This type of leather has a sanded finish and like Aniline leather, has no protective finish. Especially on lighter colors, stains can be very difficult to remove. Because of the inherent characteristics of Analine and Nubuck, professional preventative maintenance cleaning is recommended at least once every six months.

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