Tips on Maintaining Your Oriental or Wool Area Rug Between Professional Cleaning Visit’s

Area Rug Cleaning NJ“The single most important thing you can do to maintain Oriental or Wool area rug between professional cleaning is……….. Frequent Vacuuming!

Did you know that a study by the Eureka vacuum company proved that a 9 x 12 area rug could hold up to 87 pounds of dry soil before you could actually see the dirt??!! Frequent vacuuming can prevent the accumulation of gritty, abrasive soil particles that can do damage to your carpet every time it’s walked on.

Regular use of a Quality Vacuum with a power brush attachment is fine on synthetic carpet, but use it only occasionally and lightly on Oriental, Wool and other Natural fiber area rugs . For routine cleaning, use only the plain vacuum nozzle. This is especially important when cleaning a rug that has a fringe. Never run an upright vacuum or a power brush attachment over fringes. Fringes can easily get caught and chewed up by the brush roller. Keep up  a regular schedule of vacuuming your area rugs at least once a week. Periodically, it is a good practice to remove all the furniture, vacuum the top of rug and then if possible, flip the rug over and vacuum the back of the rug with the power nozzle. After you have vacuumed the back, flip the rug over and vacuum the top a second time. The first vacuuming removes as much dirt as possible from the surface. It is common for many styles of area rugs to have a thick, dense pile and normal vacuuming cannot reach the accumulated grit and dirt that has settled to the base of the pile.The second vacuuming on the back of the carpet allows the beater bar on your vacuum to drive the heavier “gritty” particles that may have settled deep down into the pile back to the surface again where they can easily be removed by the third and final surface vacuuming.
In addition to preventing premature wear from soiling, the practice of regular and thorough vacuuming also helps to prevent the possibility of Moth Damage which will be discussed in detail in a seperate article.

What to do for Emergency Spills and Pet Accidents on Wool Rugs

Pet urine on a wool rug can create a real problem if not treated promptly with the proper care, causing severe color run, permanent discoloration and an unpleasant odor which can be very difficult to remove.

If you have wool rugs in your home, we highly recommend you pick up some WoolSafe-approved carpet care products for regular upkeep as well as emergency spot cleaning when the need arises. WoolSafe-approved carpet care products have been independently and scientifically tested and are proven safe and effective for cleaning and maintaining wool carpets and rugs. Using detergents or other cleaners recommended for general household use may clean your carpet satisfactorily but could cause problems such as rapid re-soiling, colour bleeding or other damage to the pile or backing of the carpet. 

It is always best to engage the services of a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning company. To get a really expert job done by a WoolSafe accredited carpet cleaning company, Call Clean All of North Jersey today! We are fully trained, have a reputation for top quality work and use only WoolSafe-approved cleaning agents on you wool carpets and rugs!




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